Project Prescription for Photographers is broken into four sets of InDesign files (in 8.5 x 11 and A4 sizing) + Google Doc versions:

1 Onboarding

Taking a client from interested to signed off on doesn’t need to be complicated, stressful or even a lot of work. We’ve created documents to guide you through an automated process.

  • Getting Started Guide - Showcase your brand, skills, and client success stories while automating how you take clients from interested to hired.
  • Project Questionnaire - What you need to know about a client and project before you agree to the work.
  • Rate Sheet - Make it easy for clients to hire you for simple and repeatable services.
  • Bookkeeping - A basic bookkeeping spreadsheet you can use to track your income and expenses.
  • Potential/Signed Leads - A simple spreadsheet to help you keep track of project estimates you’ve created and won.
  • Client Evaluation - Use your gut and data to figure out if they’re a good fit.
  • Project Checklist - Know exactly what you’ve done and what comes next for each project.
  • Estimate - An overview of deliverables, pricing, timing, terms, and more. Based on this.
  • Creative Treatment - Go above and beyond your competitors. A great treatment can make a good estimate an amazing one while showing clients how aligned your vision is with theirs.

2 Pre-Production

Once you’re hired, you need to make sure the project stays on track and running smoothly. Use these documents to get paid, present work and gather feedback.

  • Pre-Shoot Prep Guide - Everything you need your subjects to know and do prior to their shoot, from prepping their wardrobe to pre-shoot grooming habits.
  • Feedback Guide - Teach clients how to give you the feedback you want and need.
  • Production Guide - The ultimate guide to your project — contains all the scheduling, location, contact, and other information you and your clients need for each project.

3 The Shoot

All the documents you need to keep on hand during a shoot to make sure your ass is covered.

  • Change Order Forms - Make sure you’re covered when clients make changes or additions at the last minute.
  • Model Release - Use this to ensure you have all the rights and clearances you need from your subjects and protect yourself against potential liabilities.
  • Minor Model Release - Like above, but for working with kids and teens.
  • Property Release - Use this for for non-human subjects like locations, animals, works of art, or anything else of note in your images that isn’t a real live human being.

4 Post-Production & Delivery

Even after you’ve shot the job, you need to make sure the project stays on track and running smoothly. Use these documents to get paid, gather feedback. and stay in touch about future work.

  • Invoice - What to include to get paid quickly and easily.
  • Delivery Memo - For when you absolutely need to confirm that you client received those files.
  • Post-launch Questionnaire - See what went right (and didn’t) and mine for testimonials.
  • Follow Up - Set a schedule for staying in touch.
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Andy Buscemi

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Designers designing

why you need a prescription

Because drugs are awesome (just kidding, stay in school kids!) Seriously, we’ve spent years refining our own processes and documents while listening to thousands of photographers and designers struggle with clients. We listened to what was making freelancers sick and we developed a cure.

We’re confident The Project Prescription can help if you’ve ever said things like:

“I struggle with standing out in a sea of other freelancers.”

“My clients require a lot of hand-holding through projects.”

“I hate wearing underpants!”

“My clients don’t always understand what I need them to do.”

Simply put: having the right files can free up your time to make more money.

how project prescription works

You’ll get all the design resources you need to make these killer documents your own. Files are delivered as editable InDesign files, Google Doc versions, example PDFs, spreadsheets and instructions on how to customize them with your brand’s logo, colors, and typeface.

Requirements: A general knowledge of InDesign + access to InDesign CS6 files or a general knowledge of Google Docs to access the Google Doc version. Note: Adobe offers a free trial of the latest version of InDesign here.

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who the freelancers behind this

Luke Copping, Shauna Haider, and Paul Jarvis, (hey, that’s us!) have been providing creative work to clients for almost 40 combined years. We’ve spent years learning to solve process and workflow problems in the photography and design industries and wanted to share what we’ve learned (the hard way).

We decided to create a super comprehensive A-Z set of documents that covers all your bases as a freelance photographer.

No more googling, no more hours creating documents you think might work, no more trial and error.

Having the right documents in your arsenal saves you time, money, and helps you grow a loyal community of clients.

get your prescription for difficult client work

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All files are delivered to you immediately so you can start using them within a few minutes. There are no payment plans or refunds because we want you to be super serious about your investment and the work you’ll put into adding these to your own business practices. The price is in USD.

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